Wealth Management

Our Process

Wealth management is a process that starts with listening to you.  We listen to your concerns so that we can fully understand your goals, needs, and challenges.  We prepare a Roadmap to guide you through the many changes in your life, protect your family’s assets, and help you achieve your goals.

We engage in a mutual discovery process, starting from the ground up, we analyze your annual spending requirements. Only then are we able to construct intermediate and long-term checkpoints that guide us along your journey to a dignified retirement.    Once your plan is in place, we make sure you stay on track by meeting regularly with you.

We offer a higher level of service to help you succeed and we ask that you bring a long-term mindset to the relationship and share in our goal of providing an outstanding client experience.  Our efforts are guided by our core beliefs which shape everything we do.



An enduring investment philosophy is critical to a quality client experience.  Most prospective clients come to us confused about their current investments, owning a collection of products with no clear focus or strategy. Too often, they have been sold investments without sufficient analysis or understanding of their unique tax situation.

We believe that markets work and provide the best opportunity to grow your wealth.  However, they are, by nature, uncertain.  We add value in ways we can control.

We strive to capture market returns by creating a well-diversified portfolio whose design is grounded in rigorous academic research, we minimize trading costs, and seek tax-efficient trading which ultimately rewards our clients with a better experience.  Our approach is consistent, enabling us to set realistic expectations and match them to your stated goals.



Clients preparing to retire face a unique set of challenges.

These clients have important once-in-a-lifetime decisions to make:

  • When is the best time for you to take Social Security?
  • How does Medicare and Medigap Insurance work?
  • When should you start taking pension and retirement account distributions?
  • How do you minimize your tax burden during retirement?
  • How much do you spend annually to live your chosen lifestyle?

We explain your options, advise you on choices that help you feel secure, and recommend tax efficient retirement distribution strategies.

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